Trick to Get PUBG Mobile UC & Royal Pass in Cheap Price with Midasbuy and Paytm

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Thanks for landing here if you are here to know you how you can get offered by play store and from that, you can purchase the new PUBG Mobile season 11 elite royal pass then be sure to read this full article without missing any line and to will get Season 11 Elite royal pass In very cheap UC and for that you don’t any type of VPN. You don’t have to use a VPN like Hotspot Shield VPN, Express VPN, Fly Vpn you will easily get a cheap UC offer on by using this step by step guide.

How To Get Cheap UC From Midasbuy

Here is the full steps which will let you know about the trick to get cheap royal pass of PUBG Mobile by using this you can get PUBG Mobile season 11 elite royal pass at only 560Rs which is awesome because if you go for new royal pass it cost you about 800Rs so don’t waste your money here is the full guide to get in at  560RS.

cheap UC in PUBG Mobile

Step 1

Now You just need to visit RazerGold and  create your account with Razer Gold as shown in the picture below you just need to click on create account and fill all the details to create Razer Gold Account.

Step 2

After creating your account you can see your Razer Gold balance if your it will be zero if you won’t purchase any thing from it buy previously we had purchased UC from it show there is 587rs left on my account as shown below.


Google Play 60 offer Get PUBG Royal Pass Only 190Rs Hurry UP

Now click on Reload balance  to add money in razer account and there are two main Indian options which is paytm and UPI to add money in it so you don’t have any problem to add money in razer account so add the amount as per your convenience also see UC chart to add money in it.

cheap UC in PUBG Mobile

Step 3

After doing all the steps listed above just visit Midas buy and go to PUBG Mobile section and select the amount of UC you want to purchase for convenience see the UC Chart which will help you to know the price of UC.


Congratulation You Got Royal Pass In 570Rs

So I hope you will be able to collect cheap UC don’t forget to share if helpful and if you have any query reach us out the comment section Down Below.


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