Friends, if your PUBG NEW STATE is not working then there is no need to panic at all, we will tell you how you can download PUBG NEW STATE and can also play without any problem.

First of all, if you have received an email from the team of PUBG NEW STATE then you can play this game. There is no problem if you have received an email from PUBG NEW STATE, but if you haven’t received an email then how to play this game.

How do you play it if you haven’t received the email?

Friends, if you want to play this game, then the first way is that if an email received from any of your friends who did pre-registration, you log in with their email and their password. After that, you have to open Gmail and click on the link given in the email that has come from PUBG NEW STATE.

When you click on that link and go to your play store, the option of pre-registration will be removed from your play store, and the button of install will or play come. So in this way you can play this game.

There is another option but whether it will work or not depends on your luck. But in most of the cases, people have not got to play PUBG NEW STATE. Many people have tried many ways but were not successful.

The second option is that you download the Tap Tap application and on downloading you will also get the option to download and play PUBG NEW STATE. After download, you have to download a single VPN and then connect it via the US VPN. Now let me tell you here that you will be able to download PUBG NEW STATE and after downloading your game will also be open. But after opening, you will be asked to log in here with your email, and as soon as you log in you will get an error.

Probably everyone has got to see this error because this game is only for those who have pre-registered for it.

But if you still want to try your luck, then you can definitely try. Do you know that maybe your luck turns out to be good and you can get your PUBG NEW STATE game to play.

Now you will say that there are many such Youtubers who are telling the tricks to play this game. So friends, let me tell you that I have also seen using all these tricks. I did not benefit from any of these tricks. The first trick will work the same way, if you have a close friend, then you can play this game with the help of his email.

So, friends, we told you as much information as we had, even if any update comes, you will get to see that update here before 12 AM tomorrow morning. You must visit our site once tomorrow morning at 12 AM, you will definitely get an update about it.

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