PUBG MOBILE New Update 1.0.0 Global Version APK Download For Android 4.0+

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Hey, Guys What’s Up PUBG Mobile has been released the latest and greatest update 1.0 as Tencent Games showed during its PUBG Mobile club open event Erangel 2.0 has arrived in the global version on PUBG Mobile 1.0 Global. This update brings many new features such as a new Erangel Remaster, cheer park 2.0, and much more. PUBG Mobile 1.0 Global version is loaded with great features and it totally changes the pubg. this update will change 90% view of pubg mobile and I know that you are very excited about this new update, so without wasting any time let me tell “How to download PUBG MOBILE New Update 1.0.0 Global Version APK Download” so let’s begin.

PUBG MOBILE New Update 1.0.0 Global Version Download


Until then, the creators of PUBG Mobile are not wasting their time. New version 1.0 is already available to players. In it, you can appreciate the “Erangel” and “Payload 2.0″ Cheer Park”. So if you want to try them out before others, we suggest you download the PUBG Mobile 1.0.

PUBG MOBILE New Update 1.0.0 Global Version APK Download

Use the instructions given below to download and install the game. Please note that the size of this update is 1.8 GB. Therefore, free up at least 2.0 Gb of space so that you can download the game correctly.

  • Click on the download button given below
  • let pubg mobile global 1.0 download and install
  • now open pubg and you see something downloading resources with until the OBB files of the game to download
  • now login with facebook and your prefered login medium.
  • Congrats! Your global pubg mobile 1.0 is now downloaded in your device

So I hope you will be able to download this new update don’t forget to share if helpful and if you have any query reach us out the comment section Down Below.

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