Play Store Glitch With PUBG Mobile Get Free UC And Prime Plus Membership

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Hey Guys What’s Up Good Morning, if you landed on this article then let me congratulate you that you are going to get free PUBG Mobile “Prime Plus Membership” 100% free because we found a new glitch of play store on the internet which will give you “Prime Plus Membership” at “0” Rupees. this article has three steps and below we had listed all the step that you need to follow.

PlayStore Glitch At A Glance

  1. Freebies That You Get on “Prime Plus Membership”
  2. What’s The Trick Behind Free “Prime Plus Membership”
  3. How To Get Free “Prime Plus Membership”

now you are fully excited to know how this glitch works and how you get all this free stuff so make sure to read this full article and don’t skip any part because we had explained this trick in detailed three sections which is present in this article.

Play Store Glitch With PUBG Mobile Get Free UC And Prime Plus Membership

The price of PUBG prime plus membership is 10$ which is 720Rs in Indian currency but you don’t need any single penny to get this you just need to be with us at the end you will able to collect all this at the end.


Now let’s talk what you get in prime plus at first you purchase the prime plus you get 300UC, One Classic Crate coupon, One Rename Card, One Premium Crate Coupon, One Advanced Room Creation Card apart from this you would get 20UC daily for 30 Days which conclude on 600Uc so you are going to get total of 900Uc in your pubg mobile account and I am happy to tell you that you will get all this absolutely free of cost because of this play store beautiful glitch.

Now we had completed our step one on what you are going to get now i will leave a link below which will let you know about the second step and if you are excited with this glith and have any question in your mind be sure to ask in comment section down below

[Step 2] Get Free Prime Plus Membership

Now Click on the link which is given the upper side to know about the second step on What’s The Trick Behind Free “Prime Plus Membership” and how could get this .

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