New VPN Trick 3 Mythic Items Free Tabahi Trick By Cool Gamers

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Thanks for landing on this article lets be quick, I don’t want to waste any time lets just jump into the trick. I talk here point to point so make sure you read this article very carefully because this is OP trick which we had bring for you so with this excitement lets start the trick, first of all, I will tell you what you are going to get in this trick so let’s start.

Today you are going to get 3 mythic items for free you just need to collect hammers and you get 3 mythic outfits for free so this will be really fun because its totally free you will get a mythic mask, mythic dress, mythic face cover but you won’t be able to collect all this if you don’t know how to do that .


3 Mythic Items Free In PUBG Mobile

First of all, you need a VPN because it is a VPN trick so you can download VPN from this link after downloading install it and follow the steps given below and get all these mythic items for free.

These Are The Steps You Need To Follow

  • open VPN and connect Taiwan.
  • now open PUBG and go to basic setting and country and change it to taiwan.
  • now go to events and you will see the banner as given above.

Disclaimer: If you change your country you will now be able to change back your country for 15 days.

  • now collect 8 hammers and one golden egg to get the mythic items
  • now enjoy your free items.

Download VPN From Here.

[Step 1] Fly VPN Premium Apk By Cool Gamers

Benifits Of Fly VPN

While FlyVPN definitely has more to offer than speed, the fact remains that this VPN is best known for its blazing-fast network, which includes 3,000+ servers in 160+ locations. It’s only fair that I start out by testing those speeds myself.

Unfortunately, VPNs can often slow down connections, either because of heavy security features or because they are directing too much traffic through the same crowded servers.

To understand the results of VPN speed tests, you have to know what the starting connection speed was before connecting to the VPN’s network.

As you can see, there was almost no decrease in my download speed with FlyVPN enabled. In fact, my speeds only decreased by 7%! This is very impressive, especially compared to other VPNs that were so slow they really ruined my browsing and streaming experience.

Other servers that I tested in the US gave similar results, with excellent reliability.

Next, I connected to one of FlyVPN’s UK servers to see how the speeds held up over a larger physical distance.

[ Step 2  To Download]

I went with FlyVPN. Why? For the simple reason that she’s not extremely tech-savvy. She just wanted to see a button that says “connect” and then know that she’s connected. Period. I don’t have to answer questions or spend ti

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me setting it up, which is time saved for me (or time saved connecting with Support for you!)

If you’re looking for a reliable VPN, either because you live in a country where the internet is censored or because you are becoming increasingly aware of security issues, give FlyVPN a try. At the very worst, you can get your money back within 30 days and you’ll get 3 months FREE with an annual plan using the button below:

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