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Till a few years ago, we used to watch TV, serials, movies, etc. We had two means to see that either we could see them on TV or we could go to the cinema hall and watch. But in the last few years, another resource has come to us. This resource is video streaming, now you will say what is this video streaming, then understand that you must be watching youtube, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix, then all this is a product of video streaming.

Everything that happens here is what you see through video streaming. But what do we need for this video streaming? We need three things out of which the first thing is the internet, now when you watch something on TV you need dish cable, it would need a set-top box, etc.

But for video streaming you need internet, set up your wifi at home or create a hotspot from your mobile. The second thing is the screen, when you watch TV, the TV goes to your theater in front of you, there is a silver screen. This means that either you have a smartphone or a tablet or a laptop or desktop is something. So from this you will either download their application, whatever netflix / hotstar you want to watch or you can go to their website and watch.

The third thing is a subscription, to watch TV, you have to pay money to the dish people, then things are telecast on your TV. If you want to see a movie, then you go to the theater and take your ticket, then you get to see the film. So in the same way, what you want to watch in video streaming, then you have to take a subscription. The money you pay them with this subscription is their revenue model. Meaning they earn in the same way as TV commercials earn, theater people earn your money by selling tickets. By the way, these people earn from subscriptions.

The only advantage is that you have to forcibly watch the ad on TV and watch what they are showing.

But all the platforms with video streaming have this facility that the ad does not come in the middle. There are some platforms like YouTube, where you do not have to pay subscription fees, then you have to watch a little ad. Even a few times, the option of its skip ad comes, so you have that too. But when you subscribe, after that no ad will come in front of you, it depends on you.

What is Original Content?

What is original? See this video streaming platform like youtube, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. They have two options to show you things, either buy these already made things and then show them to you. The second option is to make your own things, make movies, serials, TV series yourself and show them to you. As an example of the first one, you can understand that as the October film was made, Sujit Sarkar made it.

Sujit had made it to be shown in theaters but then Amazon Prime bought it, so you can watch it on Amazon Prime. The second instance went for its own Game of Thrones telecast but was later bought by Hotstar for the Indian audience.

Now the second option is to make your own contact in all the video streaming platforms and show you yourself on your platform and earn money yourself. So an example of this was House Of Cards which was the original of Netflix. Netflix itself made it by paying and then telecast it on its platform. Its advantage in this is that whatever contacts such people make, you can only see them on their platform. So you will not get to see it anywhere else and when you go to their platform then you will have to take a subscription.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is ​​such that it is the largest video streaming platform of Hotstar and Amazon’s Prime Video in India. Netflix is ​​also done now, but the biggest option for video streaming in the world, which is the biggest platform, is Netflix. Netflix was started in 1997, then this company used to rent DVDs. When it became recognized among the people, it also started doing the work of sending DVDs door-to-door on the Internet.

This made it recognized among other people when it got its name in the market, then it started the video-on-demand service, that is, you can watch whatever program you want. Like what happens is that the SET MAX channel has to come to Suryavansham at 12:00 in the afternoon, you cannot do anything from your side. If the channel is showing you Suryavansham then you have to watch. But Netflix gave the option that you will demand two things, you will get to see that thing.

So this made it quite successful and when users started increasing due to this service, then in 2007 it started its streaming service. Why was 2012 the year of the biggest change for this because that year Netflix made its first series LILYHAMMER. After this, Netflix made many more films, the content was good, people started liking it, so it immediately brought a revolution in the internet world.

Now people started liking them and started taking subsections and they were giving good content in large quantities. This was followed by 2016 when Netflix became the video network providing the most original content video channel.

Overview Details

netflix mod apk anyapk
App NameNetflix
PublisherNetflix, Inc.
Latest Version7.105.0
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
UpdateJune 4, 2021 (1 day ago)

Netflix MOD Features

  • No need to get a subscription
  • Don’t have to create an account
  • Full 4K quality content, HDR, Support Tablet, TV
  • Subtitles supported in all languages
  • High movie download speed
  • Ads and Banner free experience

Netflix Plans In India

PlansScreen & QualityPer MonthPer Year
Mobile1 screen/ SD contentRs 199Rs 2,388
Basic1 screen/ SD contentRs 499Rs 5,988
Standard2 screens/ FHD contentRs 649Rs 7,788
Premium4 screens/ UHD contentRs 799Rs 9,588

How to change Netflix subscription plans

  • Launch Netflix App on your phone or visit the Netflix webpage on your browser
  • Sign in with your account details, if you haven’t
  • Choose/ hover over the profile icon in the top right corner
  • Select account
  • Now under the Plan Details, select Change Plan. If your account is on hold, no plan changes can be made until the hold is resolved.
  • Then choose the desired plan, then select Continue or Update.
  • Finally, select Confirm Change or Confirm

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