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Google Play 60 offer Get PUBG Royal Pass Only 190Rs Hurry UP

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Hey Guy’s What’s Up Today we are happy to tell you that Today we got a new offer from google play store which will give you PUBG Season 10 Elite Royal Pass only in 140 INR which is awesome so read the full article and make sure you follow every step which we mentioned here so that you can get this offer in your account and you can buy PUBG Royal Pass In 70% Off. so why are we waiting let’s directly jump into the trick.

There are many ways to get 60rs from the play store, but right now we are here to talk the easiest method by which you can get these offers and enjoy your royal pass below we had listed all the details and steps that you need to follow to get offered by play store.

How To Get 60rs Offer From Google Play

Here is the full steps which will let you know about the trick about how you get royal pass only in 140rs on PUBG Mobile by using this you can get PUBG Mobile season 10 elite royal pass at only 140Rs which is awesome if you go for new royal pass it cost you about 800Rs so don’t waste your money here is the full guide to get in at 140RS.

Step 1

First Of All, let me remind you we had mentioned many time that you need to create as many Gmail as you can of India and US if you had done it you will easily get these offers in the play store and if you don’t create the account don’t worry follow these steps. now DOWNLOAD THIS VPN .

[Step 1] Fly VPN Premium Apk By Cool Gamers

Then You just need to create 15 Gmail Accounts and save their passwords anywhere because we use these gmails after 15days or month to get the offer in it.

Now you tell how we make fifteen Gmail account because Gmail needs the phone no every time you create Gmail account so you just need to go Settings>Google>Create Account and make your account from here because you don’t need any no if you make your account from your phone setting.

Redeem Code 1 – 60rsoffer

If this Step is done then go for the second step.

Step 2

After creating all the emails just rate PUBG mobile on play store and leave it for 1 week and after 1 week you would see that you will start getting 60rs offer also check step 3 for more offers.

Step 3

In step 3 you don’t need to do anything you just need to wait for 15-30 days and you definitely get 60rs offer on your 10 to 11 gmails you just need to log in with play store and check-in notification section and if you get this 60rs offer on alose every gmails and if not don’t worry wait for a week you will definitely get the offer.

Now Follow This Video To Get Royal Pass Only In 140Rs


Congratulation You Got Royal Pass In 140Rs

So i hope you will be able to collect this offer don’t forget to share if helpful and if you have any query reach us out the comment section Down Below.

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