First Look Of Battlegrounds Mobile India(BGMI)

Friends, a lot of controversies are being spread on social media about Battlegrounds Mobile India. In so many videos, it is being claimed that this is the first look of BGMI, the launch date of BGMI has arrived and some people are even talking about giving download link of Battlegrounds Mobile India apk. So today we are going to answer all your questions and what is true, what is false, today we are going to tell you about all these.

First of all, we will talk about the trailer which is becoming very viral on social media nowadays, in which it is claimed that this trailer belongs to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The second one that we will see is about the gameplay being told by BGMI. Third, we will see that what you will not get inside the data transfer means that there will be no transfer.

After that, we will talk about UC about Royal Pass. Today we are going to talk about all these, so let’s understand them in a little detail.

First of all, let us see which data transfer will be done and which will not be done. We had told you in an article that which data will be transferred and which will not happen, if you have not read it yet, then go and read the link is given below. Read Also: Which Data Of PUBG Mobile Global Version Will Be Transferred To Battleground Mobile India?

If you talk about conqueror frame transfer, then friends tell you that it is not going to be seen in BGMI. It does not have any basic logic here, because suppose you are in season 19 or season 13 or whatever season you are a conqueror. You will get to see its conqueror, but everyone knows that Battlegrounds Mobile India season is going to start from season one, and suppose the frame that your conqueror has is six.

Meaning BGMI is about to start from season one and you are using the conqueror frame of season six of PUBG in it, wouldn’t it look strange? So, friends, you will not get to see the conqueror frame here. Probably everyone will feel very bad and when I came to know this, I also felt very bad that the conqueror frame is not going to be seen. But our BGMI is about to start from season one, then start celebrating.

Which Royal Pass Will You Get?

Let me tell you that you will not get to see Season 19 of Royale Pass here. Because the people of PUBG had said that inside your BGMI, you will get to see some different types of outfits, some different types of events will be seen here.

When they have told us that we will get to see some different outfits, then we cannot get to see season 19 in BGMI. There will be a new Royal Pass, we will get to see everything new here.

How To Buy BGMI Royal Pass?

As you know, inside Global, you used to see a website called Midasbuy from where you buy UC or any other thing you used to buy from here. In the same way, an Indian website will be created for the special BGMI from where you can buy whatever you want. The best thing that I felt was that you can pay here with a lot of payment modes like Paytm, PhonePe with the help of which you will be able to buy things.

Has The Trailer For BGMI Arrived?

A video has been going viral on social media for many days, which is being told as the Battlegrounds Mobile India Trailer or First Look. Let me tell you clearly that this is not true at all, this video is fake. Although the fan of BGMI must have been behind the making of this, but it is a fake video.

There is no information about any trailer on any official media of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Even if a trailer comes, it will not be so quiet, it will come with full noise. Because the man is very much a fan of BGMI and probably because of this, this fake trailer is also being seen a lot.

Is The First Look Of The Gameplay or Trailer of BGMI Arrived?

Many people are claiming that the link to the Battlegrounds Mobile India apk has been leaked and we can get the BGMI first look. So, friends, it is not like that at all, if someone says that give me a little money, I will give you the link to the apk of the BGMI game.

So don’t do anything like this because no such apk has come from the company nor any information has come.

So, friends, I hope you have got the answers to your questions. A personal request will be that do not trust fake news, commenting on your brother before trusting anyone will tell you what is right. Or go to the official pages of BGMI and do a check once.

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