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Download PUBG New State Latest Version – Early Access Here

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Download PUBG New State Latest Version – Early Access Here

The final Technical Test for PUBG: NEW STATE has officially begun. There’s no time to waste so see below for all the details you need as you prepare to drop into the Battlegrounds!


  • Test Period: October 29, 04:00 – October 30, 14:00 (UTC+0)


  • All Survivors who were selected to participate in the Second Alpha Test will be able to participate in this Technical Test.


  • Android Users | Pre-download the Technical Test client.
  • iOS Users | Access the pre-download link through the Testflight invitation email.

※ Introducing PUBG: NEW STATE, the new Battle Royale developed by PUBG STUDIOS, the company behind PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG).

In PUBG: NEW STATE, 100 players will fight on a new battleground with various weapons and strategies until only one party remains.
Utilize gear, vehicles, and consumables to survive the free-fire zone of the Battlegrounds and become the last Survivor standing!

▣ Game Features ▣

▶Ultra-realistic graphics that exceed the limits of mobile gaming
– Using global illumination technology, PUBG: NEW STATE surpasses what was previously possible in mobile gaming graphics
– A massive, open-world battleground with a level of realism achievable only by PUBG STUDIOS
– PUBG: NEW STATE defines the next-generation PUBG graphics
– The ultimate PUBG experience in the palm of your hands
– Vulkan(API) enables stable service with improved performance and optimization.

Android Link

▶ More realistic and dynamic gunplay
– Fully-optimized for the mobile environment, experience the signature PUBG gunplay on your mobile device
– Customize your guns to fit your needs and survive on the free-fire zone of the Battlegrounds with PUBG’s unique weapon attachment system

▶ Next-generation action-based interactive gameplay
– A new battleground and unique mechanics introduced in PUBG: NEW STATE includes dodging, drone calls, and support request
– Utilize new vehicles only available in PUBG: NEW STATE to quickly move across the 8×8 open-world battleground
– An immersive PUBG experience achieved through various objectives in-game and on the Battlegrounds that can turn the tide in your favor

▶ An expansion of the original PUBG universe
– Decades after the original PUBG, new factions emerge on a new battleground in the anarchic 2051
– The survival game, PUBG, evolves into a completely new battleground in PUBG: NEW STATE

▶ PUBG: NEW STATE is the dawn of a new PUBG experience
– The real battle royale of PUBG users, by PUBG users, for PUBG users: PUBG: NEW STATE
– PUBG: NEW STATE brings PUBG to mobile devices while ushering in a new era for the franchise

▣Minimum Requirements▣
CPU: 64-bit (ABI arm64 or higher)
RAM: 2GB or higher
OS: Android 6.0 or higher
Open GL 3.1 or higher / Vulkan 1.1 or higher

▣ Official Links ▣

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