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Hello gamers, you have got to see the 1.5 updates for PUBG Mobile. So today we will tell you how you can download the 1.5 updates for PUBG Mobile and also for BGMI. Today we will tell you everything, so first let’s talk about PUBG Mobile.

How to update 1.5 for PUBG Mobile?

For PUBG Mobile, you will get a link in the last, all you have to do is click on that link and download your update. Approximately you can get this update 1.5GB or 1GB, a lot of people are seeing 1.5GB and a lot of people are seeing only 1GB update.

As soon as you download this update, the staging application will be written in front of your staging, you will have to stag. Install now will be written as soon as you stag, then you have to install it.

Your app will be installed. After installation, you will be asked to source compiling. It will take you one to two minutes for this, after compiling you will be done.

Your PUBG Mobile 1.5 update will be completed. For this, you will not need to work too hard. As soon as you open the 1.5 updates of PUBG Mobile, then your lobby to see it will change. With this, you will get to see a small campaigning notification.

You will not need any VPN to play the game, you can easily play all your matches without a VPN.

How to download 1.5 update for BGMI?

Friends, it is being told that you will get to see this update for Battlegrounds Mobile Indian (BGMI) with a little delay. First of all, where will I get to see that, I tell you all so that you do not have any problem?

For this also I will give you a link, by clicking on which you can check about the 1.5 updates of BGMI. After clicking on the link, you will get to see the Download Now option, you may also get to see the option of Update Now.

Right now it is showing the option of Download Now, but as soon as you come to know that the update has come, then you have to come to our site again, click on the link and you will get to see the update now option.

By clicking on it, you will go to Play Store and from that, you have to update Battlegrounds Mobile Indian BGMI. If you are not getting to see the option of Update Now on that, then it does not matter if you click on Download Now itself, it will redirect you to the Play Store. You can easily update your BGMI from there.

Download 1.5 update for BGMI by clicking on the button below

Download 1.5 update for PUBG Mobile by clicking the below button.

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