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Is this early access available to all?

Friends, after waiting a lot, all of the creators have got early access to BGMI. This early access is available only to those who are creators, most of the creators have got this access. We have done everything and transferred the data. But you all have to know one thing: how do you download Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)? Will you be able to download it or not? We are also going to tell you this, so let’s see how to download our BGMI Early Access.

So friends, as we have told you that only those who are creators have got this early access. Meaning all the content creators of PUBG, which are in contact with PUBG. The people of PUBG have given them early access so that all the creators of this game can check whether there is any problem in playing the game from our side. Whether there is any bug left or not, if any kind of problem comes, then we can tell them by messaging them. We were able to tell him that we are facing some problems here so that they can solve that problem with that bug.

The ID we are showing you in the image is my own ID. I have also transferred my data, the proper data process is a process. You have to transfer the data through that process itself. We are going to make this article available for you soon.

Will you be able to download this game (Early access)?

Talk about whether all of you people will get the option to download this game. So let me tell you that it had Beta access (Early access), it is over. There was a limit to that link, the link that they gave to the creators also had a limit. That you can use this link in such a time only so that this early access does not spread much.

Friends, if someone tells you that we will give you an APK file, with the help of which you can download or play this game for early access. So let me tell you that if this were the case, we would have given you the APK download link of when.

It is not that someone will give you an APK and you will be able to play that game. Your game won’t even start. Your game will start only if we give you our Gmail and you sign in with it on your phone. But it is not possible.

You guys have to wait a bit. If any creator does not face any problem in playing this game, then this game can be released tomorrow.

Do you think this game will come tomorrow or not? Do tell by commenting below.

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