Battlegrounds Mobile India Ban: Indian Politicians Appealed To Ban BGMI

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Friends, very big news has come out in which it is being told that the Politicians are standing here to ban the Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Is BGMI really banned or is it going to happen?

So friends, let me tell you that Battlegrounds Mobile India has not been banned yet but whether it will be ban or not, We will know when the time comes. First, let’s see what is this news?

GemWire has posted a post in which it says something like “Indian politicians call for a ban on Battlegrounds Mobile India”, meaning an Indian politician has appealed to ban Battlegrounds Mobile India. Actually, BGMI has not been banned but only demand has been made to ban it.

The letter has been written to the Prime Minister to ban Battlegrounds Mobile India, while BGMI has not arrived yet.

Who Has Appealed The Ban Of Battlegrounds Mobile India?

The MLA of Arunachal Pradesh has written a letter to the Prime Minister to ban the Battlegrounds Mobile India. They say that this is just an Illusion to bring PUBG Mobile back to India.

He has also written that when Krafton holds 15% of Tencent’s shares, how can this game come back to India. Krafton is the company that has created Battlegrounds Mobile India Game, Krafton company holds 15% shares of Tencent company, which is the developer of PUBG Mobile.

Many people know that the Krafton company had broken all ties with Tencent. Those who have written the letter to the Prime Minister also say that Battlegrounds Mobile India should have taken permission from India before launching the game. Perhaps they do not know that BGMI has received permission to launch in India. That is why the company that made this game has spent so much money and effort on it.

The Krafton company has stated many times that the data of the users of India will be secured through Microsoft Azure and this data will be stored in the servers of India and Singapore. The company has been repeating repeatedly that the data of Indian media or users will be stored in Singapore and India through Microsoft Azure.

So, friends, this was the whole story, now will Battlegrounds Mobile India be banned or not? BGMI will come to India or not? We will know when the time comes. But whatever was there, we have told you, now it remains to be seen whether BGMI will be banned before coming.

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