Which Data Of PUBG Mobile Global Version Will Be Transferred To Battleground Mobile India?

Which data will be transferred to Battleground Mobile India?
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Friends, today we will discuss which data of PUBG Mobile Global version will be transferred to Battleground Mobile India? Which data will be transferred? What type of data will be transferred? What else will not be transferred when BGMI arrives?

Which Data Will Bee Transferred To BMGI?

The first thing that comes in data transfer is our skins, outfits, backpack, helmet skin, and gun skins. Whatever type of skin you have received, even if you have received it from anywhere, it will be transferred to Battleground Mobile India.

There is a lot going on in the minds of people that our frames and titles will be transferred or not? So let you tell me that all those frames and titles will be transferred. Whatever you are doing from season one to season 18 or 19, all the frames will be transferred. Also, if you have taken all the titles that have come in the game so far, all these will also be transferred inside the Battleground Mobile India.

Many people are also worried about the fact that if they have a friend list, will they also be transferred or not? So all this will also be transferred whenever Battleground Mobile India arrives.

Let me tell you one thing that whatever data transfer is going to happen, it will be only of PUBG Mobile Global Version. If you play Korea’s PUBG Mobile or Vietnam’s PUBG, then its data transfer is not going to happen. 

Will The Data Of PUBG Lite Aldo Be Transferred?

There is a question of many people that we will transfer the data of PUBG Lite as well. Those who think so should understand that the data of PUBG Lite will not be transferred to Battleground Mobile India.

Because PUBG Lite is developed by Tencent, but it is only for low-end phones and all other assets are also of very low quality. Even the Erangel Map and the rest of the map that came in are also quite different from the global version, they do not match the global version. Whatever its skins are, it is paid in the global version but it is available for free in the Lite version.

Will BAN Accounts Be Unbanned In BGMI?

A strange question of some people is that those who have a banned account will be unbanned when they come to BGMI. So, clarify that your ban account will remain banned, whether you transfer it to Battleground Mobile India or not. But if your account is h@cked due to the h@ckers who have stolen the data, then it is possible that your account can be unbanned.

All the updates of Battleground Mobile India are coming from Tencent, only the name is going to be from krafton from above. Just like what is seen in the Korean version, something similar is going to be seen in the Indian version as well. The updates that will be made in all these versions, Korea, Global, and India, will be almost the same.

So friends, hope you have found the answer to your question. We are all looking forward to Battleground Mobile India. Hopefully, soon we will get the download link of this game and we can download and play it.

Whenever BGMI arrives, you will find its download link here. You have nothing to do, just search in Google “Battleground Mobile India Apk Download Link AnyApk.com” and just you will get the official download link of BGMI.

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